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от автора Golden Dragon, 8 года(лет) тому назад
Вид спорта: Ушу Участники: Mrs. Zhang Li An Продолжительность: 3 hours and 12 minutes Комментарий: Профессиональный (одноголосый) Язык комментариев: chinese Описание: Strongs and healthy body the release instinct. Not only the Chinese martial arts well-established dominate an area Yu Shi to practice the martial arts to strong and healthy body may defend self in the complex society moreover, in Lin of Zhongke world martial arts becomes a generation of master of great learning and integrity to become the renowned star in the film and television to leave a good name to posterity in the world. The Chinese martial arts steady, accurate, ruthless, quick, may exercise children's keen brains. Therefore present Chinese and foreign many children are pursuing the Chinese martial arts. But study military cherished asks Shi Nan. In order to solve this difficult problem to be advantageous for the child to learn from us to ask Beijing martial arts research group cohort Leader Mr./Mrs. Zhang Li An to photograph this piece of Mr./Mrs. Zhang the summary to suit the children characteristic in more than 20 year elementary and middle school students martial arts scholar the martial arts teaching rule and the experience teaches the student to win the big prize in the domestic and foreign multiple martial arts competition. “practices boxing does not exercise martial arts to the end spatial” only then to practice the solid basic skills only then to be possible to cross the threshold, fast enhancement this piece to divide four parts rapidly to the martial arts basic strokes like hand, the technique, the walk and the technique practice shoulder arm and the waist practice thigh practice and so on. And further enhances through basic strokes' group combination practice. Will follow this piece of practice rapidly to grasp martial arts each kind of project as soon as, therefore this piece will pass through promotes receives the social warmly welcome. 04 movement group combination practices 01 02 step 03 and the step group combination practices 04 martial arts the preparatory movements 01 shoulder arms to practice 02 waists to practice 03 thigh practices Формат: MPEG
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