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Er Lang Men - Spring Autumn Long Handle Broadsword [二郎门:春秋大刀]

от автора Golden Dragon, 8 года(лет) тому назад
For further information visit: http://www.satirio.com/ma/home.html Erlangquan is one of the traditional martial arts from Hebei Province. Here the Spring Autumn Long Handle Broadsword is performed. Erlang Shen is a mythical god in Chinese Folklore, known for helping to regulate the great floods and as the nephew of the Jade Emperor. He carries a Trident Spear, a bow, and has a faithful Dog as a companion. In a martial sense, Erlang also referred to two young gents, potraying that this skillset was originally only practiced as a 2 man combat set. Latter practitioners isolated the movements and developed the single set as well. Erlangquan's 8 sections of Changquan are based on the Bagua (Trigrams) of Heaven, Lake, Fire, Thunder, Wind, Water, Moutain and Earth. There are also many traditional Weapons practiced.
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